Send Wal-Mart Back To School

by Tony Palmeri

August 10, 2005

At a late morning press conference held at Oshkosh North High School, four speakers called on members of the community to sign on to's pledge not to buy their back to school supplies at Wal-Mart this year. 2004 Democratic Party candidate for the 54th state assembly district Gordon Hintz, president of the WEAC Fox Valley Retiree's chapter Ken Flood, Oshkosh Education Association President Len Herricks and I all focused on some part of Wal-Mart's failing report card:

In my remarks, I emphasized that Wal-Mart in Wisconsin is the chief corporate abuser of the state's Badger Care program. As of April, 809 Wal-Mart employees and 443 employee dependents were enrolled in the Badger Care program, costing the state $2.7 million per year. It's unconscionable that a company profiting off cheap labor is a health care moocher.

I also made the point that refusing to buy back to school supplies from Wal-Mart is a simple yet powerful way that citizen consumers can demand accountability from the company.

The press conference was part of a coordinated nationwide launch held in 34 cities and 24 states. The "Send Wal-Mart Back to School" campaign is the most coordinated action against Wal-Mart in recent history.

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