Internet Trolls Strike The Leach Amphitheater!

At the grand opening of the Leach Amphitheater in Oshkosh on Thursday night, visitors to the facility's $675,000 illegal bid-waived bathrooms saw the fliers below. Common Councilor Paul Esslinger thought a city with as many unmet needs as Oshkosh could find a better use for $675,000. This was not met favorably by the Internet Trolls (anonymous cheap shot artists who try to ruin every interactive web site in Oshkosh via character assassination, libel, and demagoguery). A typical Troll's life revolves around a certain brown element that smells the same whether it's in a port-a-potty or $675,000 lavish lavatory. A real classy bunch, those Internet Trolls. --Tony Palmeri

The Internet Trolls Like To Go Into Port-a-Potties To Smell Other Peoples' Crap!

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